Pancratium australasicum

Biblio : Edwards


Ker Gawler. Botanical Register, v.9. t.715. 1823.

= Proiphys amboinensis (L.) Herbert 1821.

Pancratium australasicum, Botanical Register, t.715

715 PANCRATIUM australasicum. Cunningham's Pancratium.
Nat. ord. NARCISSI. Jussieu gen. 64. Div. II Germen inferum. AMARYLLIDE∆. Brown prod. 1. 206. Sect. I PANCRATIUM. Suprŗ vol.3. fol. 221.
P. australasicum, foliis petiolatis, lamin‚ nervoso-costat‚, coron‚ brevissim‚ omnino sexpartit‚.
An unrecorded plant from the interior of New South Wales, where it was lately observed and sent to England by Mr. Cunningham, the zealous and intelligent investigator of the objects of natural history found in the newly ex- plored inland parts of those regions. Comes very close to PANCRATIUM amboinense, admirably figured by Mr. Sydenham Edwards in Curtis's Botanical Magazine (1419); but is altogether a smaller plant, where the short crown of the flower is sixparted to the very bot- tom, which is not the case in the other species. Drawn at Mr. Colvill's Nursery in the King's Road. A hothouse plant. VOL. IX.

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