Narcissus papyraceus Ker Gawl.

Biblio : Curtis


Curtis's Bot. Mag. 22-23: t.947 (1806).

Narcissus papyraceus, Curtis tab.947

[ 947 ] NARCISSUS PAPYRACEUS (α). ITALIAN OR PAPER-WHITE NARCISSUS. * * * * * Class and Order. HEXANDRIA MONOGYNIA. Generic Character.-Vid. Nos. 924 & 925. Specific Character and Synonyms.
NARCISSUS papyraceus (stamina adnata tria breviora intra tubum inclusa) multiflorus; foliis lorato-concavis; scapo ancipiti, subplano compresso, striato; la- ciniis stellatis tubo subaequalibus; corona cu- pulata, his 3-4 plo breviore, crenulato-erosa; slylo intra coronam. G. NARCISSUS Tazeta (albus). Redouté Lil. p.17. absque ic. NARCISSUS Tazeta. Linn. Sp. Pl. 416. Hort. Kew. p. 410. Willd. Sp. Pl. 2. 39. NARCISSUS pisanus vel totus albus. Park. Parad. 81.f.4. NARCISSUS latifolius flore prorsus albo. Floril. Auct. NARCISSUS latifolius simplici flore prorsus albo. 1, 2. Clus. Hist. 1. 155. (α) multiflorus; corolla tota alba; stylo parum ultra tubum porrecto; foliis glaucis. G. (β) 4-6-florus; laciniis ochroleucis, corona pallide sul- phurea; slylo coronam subaequante; foliis haud ita glaucis. G. ROMAN NARCISSUS.
Very probably this, or the variety γ of NARCISSUS orientalis, may have been the plant designed by LINNaeus for the type of this Tazeta, as likely indeed as the one we have given under that title; but, as he has evidently combined more than one species in his synonymy, we have thought it most useful to apply his name to the one which had been already figured

under it in REDOUTE'S work, and to adopt another for this plant, which we think distinct. Our species is possibly the crenulatus of Mr. HAWORTH, but his character is too short and indefinite to enable us to determine this fact with cer- tainty. Differs from Tazeta in having a shallower crown, with an erosely crenulate margin, a very much flattened ancipital scape, a smaller bulb, and an entirely white or a cream-coloured corolla. The bulbs of this plant are usually imported by the owners of Italian warehouses immediately from Italy. Very orna- mental and fragrant, especially (β) called in the shops the ROMAN NARCISSUS, which is often imported in a double slate. G.

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