Eucharis mastersii Baker
E. sanderi var. multiflora Baker

Biblio : Curtis


Curtis's Bot. Mag. v.111 ser.3 n.41: t.6831. 1885.

Eucharis, Curtis, tab.6831
Illustration : Matilda Smith ; Litho. : John Nugent Fitch.

A (mastersii) = Eucharis × grandiflora Planchón & Linden
B (var. multiflora) = × Calicharis butcheri (Traub) Meerow 1989

TAB. 6831.


Natives of New Granada.
Nat. Ord. AMARYLIDEĈ. - Tribe AMARYLLEĈ. Genus EUCHARIS, Planch.; (Benth. et Hook.f. Gen. Pl. vol. iii. p. 731.)

EUCHARIS Mastersii; bulbo globoso, foliis petiolatis ovatis acutis viridibus glabris venis curvatis 15-16-jugis, scapo gracili tereti, umbellis paucifloris, spathĉ valvis parvis lanceolatis, pedicellis brevissimis, ovario oblongo-trigono, perianthii tubo sursum infundibulare deorsum cylindrico, limbo patulo tubo duplo breviori, segmentis ovatis late imbricatis, cyathi striis luteo-viridulis margine libero angusto inter filamentos dentibus 2 deltoideis prĉdito, antheris parvis versa- tilibus, stylo staminibus eminente apice stigmatoso incrassato trilobato.
This new Eucharis, which at the request of the im- porters, Messrs. F. Sander and Co., of St. Albans, has been named after Dr. Masters, F.R.S., is intermediate between the two finest species already known, E. grandiflora, Planch. et Lind. (Plate 4971) (amazonica, Hort.), and E. Sanderii, Baker (Plate 6676). It has entirely the same habit and leaf, and the same large pure white perianth- limb, but is different from both of them in the staminal cup (often, but improperly, called a corona), of which the free portion in the present plant forms a narrow but united collar-like rim to the perianth-tube, with two deltoid teeth between the base of each filament. Our drawing was made from specimens sent by the importers, with whom it flowered in the month of February of the present year. DESCR. Bulb globose, one and a half or two inches in diameter. Leaves distinctly petioled, oblong, acute, just like those of E. grandiflora and Sanderii in shape and texture, eight or ten inches long, four or five inches broad, bright green on the upper surface, pale green beneath, with fifteen or sixteen curved veins on each side between the midrib and margin. Scape slender, glaucous, terete, under a foot long. Umbel two-flowered in the specimen AUGUST 1sT, 1885.

drawn; pedicels very short ; valves of the spathe small, green, lanceolate. Ovary green, oblong-trigonous. Perianth- tube two or two and a half inches long, cylindrical in the lower two-thirds, infundibuliform in the upper third, with a throat half an inch in diameter; limb pure white, three inches in diameter; segments ovate, much imbricated. Staminal cup striped with green, adnate to the tube of the perianth except a narrow collar-like rim, which has a couple of deltoid teeth between each filament. Style reaching nearly to the tip of the perianth-segments, thickened and obtusely three-lobed at the stigmatose apex. E. Sanderii, Bot. Mag., tab. 6676, proves to vary con- siderably in the size and number of the flowers and the colour of the stripes of the staminal cup, which in this species is entirely adnate to the tube of the perianth except the marginal teeth. In the form figured on the lower left-hand corner of the present plate there are five or six flowers, considerably smaller than those of the type, and the stripes of the staminal cup are green. This also was imported by Messrs. F. Sander and Co. - J. G. Baker.
Fig. 1, Anthers of E. Mastersii; 2, tip of its style: - both much enlarged.

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