Leucojum vernum β

Biblio : Curtis


Curtis's Botanical Magazine, v.45 t.1993

= L. vernum var. carpathicum.

Leucojum vernum carpathicum, Curtis tab.1993

Class and Order. HEXANDRIA MONOGYNIA. Generic Character.
Cor. campaniformis, sexpartita, apicibus incrassata. Stig- ma simplex.
Specific Character and Synonyms.
LEUCOJUM vernum ; spatha uniflora, stylo clavato. Willd. Sp. Pl. 2. p. 30. Hort. Kew. ed. alt. 2. p. 211. Mart. Mill. Dict. n. 1. Jacq. Austr. v. 4. p. 6. t. 312. Knorr Delic. 1. t. s. 15. n. 1. Scop. carn. n. 392. Villars Dauph. 2. p. 247. Krock. Siles. n. 498. Bot. Mag. supra t. 46. GALANTHUS vernus. Allioni Ped. n. 1865. GALANTHUS uniflorus, petalis subęqualibus. Hall. Hist. n. 1253. LEUCOJUM bulbosum vulgare. Bauh. Pin. 55. Rudb. Elys. 2. p. 95. f. 1. LEUCOJUM bulbosum. Clus. Pan. 179. -Hit. 1. p. 168. LEUCOIUM bulbosum hexaphyllon. Dodon. Coron. 202. -pempt. 230. Weinm. Phyt. t. 642. a. NARCISSUS VII. Matthioli. Cam. Epit. 957. fig. opt. (α.) spatha unifora, corollę apicibus viridibus. Supra t.46. (β.) spatha biflora, corollę apicibus luteis. Heic, n. 1993.
This fine variety of LEUCOJUM vernum, differs from the one before figured (No. 46) not only in its two-flowered

spathe, but also in the colour of the spots at the apex of the lacinię of the corolla, which in our plant are yellow ; in the one-flowered variety always green. Communicated in March last by Messrs. WHITLEY, BRAME, and MILNE, who received bulbs of this plant, with several other rarities, from a friend that collected them in the Carpathian mountains.

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