Bot. Mag. vol.35

Biblio : Curtis

× Amarygia

Amaryllis blanda Ker Gawl. Bot. Mag. 35: t.1450 (1812).

[ 1450 ] AMARYLLIS BLANDA. THE BLUSH-LILY, OR AMARYLLIS. Generic Character.- Vid. No. 923*. Specific Character and Synonyms.
AMARYLLIS blanda; (multiflora; flos subirregularis, breviter deorsum tubuloso-connexus, fauce nuda ; foliis plurimis (subduedenis) bifariis e basi vaginantibus erecto-diver-. gentibus, interioribus ab utrinque gradatim longioribus. lanceolato-loratis, scapi validissimi tereti-ancipitis undato- viridis (cui diu post succedunt) altitudinem demum attin- gentibus, extimis binis lanceolato-oblongis latioribus, cunctis apice obtusatis striatis subcanaliculatis subtus costa media pallidiore carinatis, introrsum nitidis; spatha spha- celato-bivalvi; umbella divaricata, pedicellis viridibus florem subæquantibus; germine viridi, obovato, rotundate trigono, quam tubus subduplo breviore, sulcis facialibus prominulis; corolla nutante subæquali obsolete ringente; tubo trigono trisulco quam limbus turbinato-campanulatus recurvo-patentissimus pluries breviore, laciniis subungui- culatis lamina elliptico-lanceolata undulata ; staminibus per totum tubum adnatis divergenter declinatis; slylo subulato-triquetro ; stigmate trigonulo leviter depresso. G. AMARYLLIS Belladonna; β; vernalis, corolla pallidiore. Nobis supra No. 733. Conservantur in Herbario Bank- siano juxta se pro mutuis varietatibus eidem chartæe folio affixa specimina tum hujusce tum Belladonna Ni. 733 ex hortis nostratibus; uti et alia blandæ seorsim posita cum titulo Belladonna ex Promontorio Bonæ Spei. G. DESCR. Bulb nearly twice the bigness of a swan's egg, integuments pale brown, membranous; leaves of a bright apple- green colour, not glaucous, attaining their full size towards the end of January, inner ones about three feet high and an inch and a half broad, outer far shorter and two inches broad;

scape three feet high, about an inch in diameter towards the base; flowers produced in June and July, about four inches long, white:fading to a blush or pale rose-colour, but not in streaks; we did not perceive that they had any scent. On turning back to the article in No. 733 of this work, where the plant had on the authority of MILLER in his "Icones" been added as variety β to Belladonna, it will be seen that we then suspected it to be a distinct species; which conjecture an inspection of the growing specimen has made a certainty. It would be superfluous to particularize differences, which a comparison of the figures and descriptions of the two plants will so easily shew. In Belladonna the segments of the corolla do not cohere at all beyond their base, but converge in such way as to give the appearance of their so doing ; the leaves are of a dark dingy green, scarcely more than half an inch broad, and never attain a length in any way equalling the scape ; which circumstances are here mentioned, because they were omitted in our acount of that species. Blanda is a native of the Cape of Good Hope, where it was gathered by Sir JOSEPH BANKS. Was sent to Miller in 1754 by VAN ROYEN from Holland, and flowered in the Chelsea garden. Our drawing was made from a specimen that bloomed last June in the very fine col- lection of rare and beautiful Cape bulbs at Mr. GRIFFIN's, South-Lambeth, a source from which the liberality of its possessor entitles us to hope that many other curious and new subjects may be obtained for our work. A space of nearly six months was found to intervene between the flowering of this species and the full growth of its foliage. G.

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